This update comes with the addition of the brand new Studio feature: the Visual Hierarchy report.

This allows you to dictate your desired hierarchy of AOIs and understand how closely this matches the actual hierarchy.

We also bring some minor tweaks to make your experience in Studio smoother.

New Studio Feature: Visual Hierarchy

The Visual Hierarchy feature sits inside the Areas of Interest report in Studio.

After drawing your AOIs, open the side panel and set your desired visual hierarchy. The platform will then calculate how closely your desired hierarchy matches the actual hierarchy of the areas you've created. The higher the score the better!

Ensure your viewers are prioritising the right areas in your visual content with this brand new feature.

Studio Improvement: Upload and Assign Reordering

A previous update allowed you to automatically assign content to a version when uploading assets. This update now allows you to order the assets to upload them into a version of your choosing.

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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