This months update comes with the rollout of 2-Factor Authentication (2fa) to access your Dragonfly account across the Suite.

2-Factor Authentication

2fa acts as an extra layer of security to the platform, as it enforces the use of a security app on a different device, to ensure the person logging in is who they say they are.

Getting 2fa set up on your Dragonfly AI account

A secure 2fa authenticator app must be used on a different device such as your smartphone. We recommend contacting your IT team to find out if your organisation has an approved 2FA app. If not, here are some we recommend:

Once 2FA is set up, each time you sign in you’ll need to provide your email address and password then enter a one-time code generated by your 2FA app.

Check out this article for a full guide on 2fa, and a step-by-step of getting your 2fa added to your account.

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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