Since our highly successful launch of Studio 2.0 last month, we've been hard at work creating new and exciting features, to make your insights even more powerful.

We've also added user experience improvements to make sure your time in the Studio is delightful.

This article will cover all the new features coming with this update

Updated Studio Reports

We’ve massively updated our Hotspots report which now identifies ALL hotspots within your content to pixel-based accuracy AND provides the gaze path.


Click the Hotspots report in your study to instantly identify and display the most salient areas in a piece of content. Highly accurate, pixel-based hotspots allow you to instantly understand which areas within your content are grabbing your audience's attention at first glance.

All hotspots in an image will be identified, so you instantly know if any areas are acting as distractors. These hotspots can then be scored using any of our powerful metrics.

Gaze Path:

Gaze Paths are now built-in to the Hotspots report in the Studio. Our scientifically-validated gaze paths tell you the most likely order your hotspots will be seen in.

You can use this insight to quickly spot if your intended visual hierarchy matches the hotspots in your content.


The Studio's Hotspots report comes with an out-of-the-box digestibility score - based on the number of hotspots and distribution of their Probability of Perception scores. This score tells you how easily the hotspots are digested by the viewer at first glance.

Note: When assessing digestibility scores, you should consider whether the hotspots and scan path reflect your desired viewer experience as digestibility is based on the hotspots Dragonfly AI creates.

P.S. Don't worry if you're a fan of our previous iteration of the hotspots report, you can still find your numerical interpretation of the heatmap by clicking the 'Grid' Report!

If you're as intrigued and excited by our new report as we are, take a look at our dedicated article on the new hotspots report here!

User Experience & Performance Improvements

At Dragonfly AI, creating a smooth a user experience across our Suite is vital, so we've included some usability changes to make it even quicker to gain insight from the Studio.

Duplicating reports

  • By clicking on the dropdown next to the report, you'll now see a button labelled 'duplicate'. Clicking this will allow you to duplicate a report (including all of its settings and drawn Areas of Interest!)

Changing the order of images in the media tray.

  • You can now click and drag the images in the media tray to change their order.

Navigate to different versions with a single click

  • Clicking on a piece of content in the media tray now takes you directly to its corresponding version in the version canvas

Flexible assignment of media to the version canvases.

  • You can now drag an image from the media tray to a version canvas, even if it is already occupied by another piece of content.

Areas of Interest drawing mode.

  • Drawing mode allows you to keep drawing AOIs on a piece of content without stopping. It’s automatically activated after you select which type of AOI you want to draw (Rectangle or Polygon).

Updates to 'Learn more' links.

  • Our 'Learn more' links have been updated so that users have the most up-to-date and relevant Academy articles at hand to answer any immediate questions.

Attention Map Improvements

  • We’re now compressing your images using a lossless file type which means that there are no decreases in image quality during compression.

  • Combined with analysing your images in the exact dimensions you upload them in, our reports in Studio better reflect how your audience views your content!

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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