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The Dragonfly AI suite is designed to allow brands, designers and agencies to analyse any content through any channel.


Measure the effectiveness of a wide range of digital assets, before you publish.
Upload and analyse everything from email templates, high-fidelity wireframes, and ad creative to product packaging, 3D renders and promotional materials.


Measure the effectiveness of real-world assets and experiences, live.

Simulate real-word customer journeys and see instantly how assets are performing. From product packaging and visual merchandising, to signage and point of sale promotions.


Measure the effectiveness of online customer journeys, in real-time.

Simulate online customer journeys, identify friction points and optimise your digital touchpoints to maximise performance inline with your commercial and customer experience objectives.


Measure the effectiveness of short and long-form video content.

Analyse a wide range of video assets from real user session recordings to short and long-form video clips for use in social and broadcast media.


Bring the power of predictive analytics to your users with our developer API.

Our plug and play API makes it easy to build predictive products and features for your users, powered by Dragonfly AI.

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