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Dragonfly AI 2-Factor-Authentication 2.0
Dragonfly AI 2-Factor-Authentication 2.0

A walkthrough of our 2fa setup

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This article will guide you through our brand new 2-factor-authentication process. This should help ease new users into getting their secure authenticator up and running, without being a hinderance to more experienced users.

The process follows a number of steps that aim to take new users through an easy to follow guide to getting your secure authenticator set up. This is outlined below.

Getting Started

After logging in with your username and password, you will notice a new login design. This is maintained throughout the process.

From here you will have the choice of two options: being guided through the 2fa process as a whole, or skipping straight to the QR code. This will cater to those who are new to secure authenticator apps, as well as those who want to jump straight in.

Note: From this point after logging in you have approximately half an hour to reach the QR screen before being timed out.

Step 1

If the guided option is chosen, this will begin the quick guide on getting a secure authentication mobile app installed.

This page also includes some recommendations on choosing an authenticator:

  • We recommend reaching out to your IT team to see if there is a chosen authenticator app for your organisation.

  • Some popular apps include Google, Microsoft, and Authy.

Step 2

Continuing down the guided setup; this step helps setting up a new authenticator account in your chosen app.

This stage also contains a warning about the three minute timer on the next screen.

Step 3

The final step, and the QR scanning screen. This step will be automatically skipped to if choosing not to be guided at the start.

Upon reaching this step, you will have three minutes to scan the QR code and enter the 6-digit verification number, this is represented by the timer on screen. Failing to scan the QR in this time limit results in an invalid code - this will result in a timeout page and you will be pushed back to the start.

You will still have the option to see the set up key if you wish.

After following all these steps correctly, you should enter your email and password once more, followed by a secure code from your authenticator app. You will then enter the platform!

We hope this flow will ensure all customers have a smooth authenticator setup, ensuring your data, and ours, remains secure!

If you're struggling with 2fa, or need your 2fa reset, please reach out to [email protected] or your dedicated account manager.

Need more information? Please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team.

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