This update comes with the addition of a brand new metric: Attention Power Factor.

It also includes improvements to the new Visual Hierarchy report, and general Studio functionality.

Attention Power Factor:

The APF metric tells you how well your region is performing in relation to its size - on a scale from 0 to 5. If a drawn area is achieving a score above 1, the area is attracting more attention than the area it covers.

APF ensures your chosen areas are standing out in a scene by grabbing a greater share of attention than the share of area they take up on the image.

For a full guide with examples check out this article!

Visual Hierarchy Report Improvements:

  • Small design changes and improvements.

  • Multiple Functionality improvements.

  • Maintain priority levels when changing number of levels.

Studio Functionality Improvements:

  • Adjustment to upload & assign component.

  • Delete stage option when no media is assigned to a version in the media tray.

  • Design improvements.

  • Added % sign when displaying POP and SOA metrics.

  • Unlink option on media bar – quickly remove content from a version.

  • Added warnings to ensure study saves before making further changes.

  • Miscellaneous other user functionality improvements.

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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