This article will answer some of the most common questions regarding Dragonfly AI and our technology.

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Does the AI predict clicks?

The AI predicts where viewer attention will be directed which is a known driver of the next action they take.

How are demographics accounted for?

The AI models the way the human brain prioritises visual information before the conscious mind kicks in. This process is universal to everyone which means that predictions apply to any audience you may be targeting.

Does the AI get better over time?

Our research partnership with Queen Mary University of London is ongoing and we roll out improvements on a regular basis.

How reliable is the prediction?

The AI is 89.2% accurate in its ability to predict the results of any lab-based eye-tracking experiment with up at least 39 participants.

Is this similar to other heatmap tools?

Heatmaps are often used to visualize historical data (e.g. click or scroll maps). Our predictive heatmaps show you where attention will be directed before an interaction ever takes place.

Does the AI use machine learning?

No, the AI is a biological model of how the brain works. The major advantage of this approach is that the algorithm isn’t biased to specific examples used to train the model.

What factors influence attention?

The brain uses visual cues like colour, texture, scale, orientation and movement to decide where attention should be directed.

Can the AI predict emotion responses?

The AI will tell you where an audience will look but not whether they will like what they see.

Does Dragonfly tell me which design is my winner?

Dragonfly AI is a tool to be used as part of your workflow to ensure your key visual elements are getting the standout you desire. Therefore it is important to have a hypothesis or project KPI's in mind so you can use the data from the platform to inform your decision.

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