This month's update comes as a minor release (the .1 appended on 2.2) but not minor in importance! Studio 2.2.1 brings a number of performance improvements to make your experience better.


  • An improvement to the Areas of Interest feature, where resizing an AOI would cause the area to move slightly. AOIs now consistently place where you put them.

  • The AOI label editor will no longer be partially hidden by the edge of another stage when analysing with multiple columns.

  • Text rendering speed has been improved for the AOI label editor so you can speed through your labelling.

  • You can now see the settings you've used in your report in our Data Export (Bias and Visualisation). We've also added the Report Name and Export Date so you can keep track of changes within a Study.

  • We've added Side Panel formatting improvements to simplify your experience.

  • We've made our network calls β€” which keep your app updated to the most recent version β€” more refined.

  • We've also cleaned up the Dragonfly AI Studio codebase (which will improve the velocity and quality of future updates to Dragonfly AI).

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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