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Studio Update 2.2

Everything new in our December 2021 update

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Since our successful launch of the improved Hotspots and Gaze Path reports inside the Studio last month. The team at Dragonfly AI are pleased to bring you more exciting new features to make your insights even more powerful.

This update brings with it AOI Labelling, and improved Export functions!

This article will cover all the new features coming with this update

Areas of Interest Labelling

This new update brings with it the ability to label your Areas of Interest (AOI's)!

This new feature means it is much easier to identify AOIs when collaborating with your team. It also makes comparing different versions of a piece of content easier.

For AOIs created before this release, simply click on the score to add a label.

These labels will be present in your Visuals export, and are used to identify AOI scores in your all-new Data export too. They're also used to identify AOIs for our new side-panel.

For a full guide on Areas of Interest Labelling, click here.

Side Panel & Ranking

We've also now added a side panel where you can record any notes on the report, and rank versions based on their respective AOI metric scores.

Once you've labelled all your AOIs in your report, you can use the side panel to quickly discover the versions with the highest scoring AOIs.

For example - you can label your logo across 20 different versions of an ad and sort those versions by the Share of Attention score for their logo to see the most attention grabbing logo.

For a full guide on the side panel and ranking, click here.

Data Export

This update brings with it vast improvements to the Studio's Export functionality. You now have the additional capability to export AOI, Hotspot, and Digestibility scores into a .xlsx (Excel spreadsheet) document by clicking 'Data' from the export dropdown. The version letter, filename, image thumbnail and scores are all contained in one document for each study.

If you have multiple reports, each report will be contained in a named sheet.

We've also included explanations for metrics and a link to further details - so you can share the insights from your reports in Studio with your wider team.

With the freedom to analyse Dragonfly AI data and correlate it with your own internal data, the path to creating design guidelines that connect vital attention metrics to your sales and conversion data has never been easier.

You can still export to .png (image files) by clicking 'Visuals' from the export dropdown.

This will also now include any labels you have added to AOIs. These can then be easily added to presentations and documents, or shared via email or instant messaging services.

For a full guide on Data Exports, click here.

User Experience & Performance Improvements

At Dragonfly AI, creating a smooth user experience across our Suite is vital, so we've included some usability changes and improvements to make it even quicker to gain insight from the Studio.

Filenames in Studio

The original filenames for images uploaded are now included and displayed within Studio. You can now identify images using their original name in the media tray, the canvas, the side panel, and in the Data Exports.

Auto Refresh for New Releases

When we push a new release, all users using the platform will receive a small update message which lets them know. This will ensure that you never miss out on the latest features!

Rotation Fix

We now look at some of the metadata of the images you upload so we can account for any rotations within Studio. This fixes a small bug which saves you from having to rotate the photo yourself in image editing software.

And that's it!

We hope you're as happy with this update as we are!

Keep an eye out for future updates with more exciting features and functionality!

Any further questions or feedback, please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team!

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