Once in the App there are 4 options to analyse your content.


Analyse real-time video content from your devices built-in camera.

This launches the app in real-time observation mode bringing in the live feed from the devices built-in camera.

In this mode you can:

1. Select the real-time analysis at the top of the screen, this overlays enables the heat map saliency visualisation

Realtime analysis

2. Take a picture by selecting the camera button at the bottom of the screen, this takes a temporary picture, from here you can

  • Save a copy of the image
  • Go back to real-time view by selecting the Cancel button
  • Click on the Analyse Picture button to launch the Analysis options to enable the interactive features
Realtime analysis 2


Analysis of static image based content.

Upon selection, the app presents an in-app image browser based content within you devices iOS ‘Photos’ albums. From here you can select the image you would like to analyse or select the album heading in the top right to change to your preferred photo album.

Once the image has been selected, the app will automatically run a image through the Dragonfly AI model and present the results in the Analysis Options page

Image analysis


Live analysis of web based content.

Browse to any website via the in-app browser and analyse in real-time

Continue browsing through the site whilst in analysis view or take a snapshot for further analysis

URL analysis


The A/B testing feature enables comparison of visual elements across multiple creative options.

Upon selecting the A/B Testing feature, a set up screen will allow you to select your images from the devices iOS ‘Photos’ albums

A/B analysis 1

Please ensure the two images for analysis are identical in image size and and aspect ration format. If the image sizes are not identical the app will crop second image to the same size and aspect ratio format as the first image

Once the image has been run through the Dragonfly model you can analyse both options using all the analysis tools.

Any region selected will also be selected on the other image for comparison.

A/B analysis 2

Next, learn more about the tools available interpret your analysis.

Need more information? Please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team.

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