Video preparation

Supported file types include .mp4 and .mov. Individual videos can be up to 2 minutes in length (30fps) or 1 minute (60fps).

If you are not currently set up on the Motion Helpdesk, and are interested in some Motion analysis, please contact your Customer Success Manager, or [email protected].

Sharing video assets securely

You'll be invited to a shared Dropbox folder where you can share your Motion files. We use Dropbox to help share the files securely. Each time you submit a new request, simply link the files from Dropbox in the request description.

Note, If you are new to Dropbox and need help, please click here for a quick setup guide.

Once you are in your Dropbox account there will be 2 files ready to use as well as a Getting Started pdf.

  1. Getting started - Use this guide to help get started with Motion

  2. Completed analysis - All completed analysis will be uploaded to this folder by the Motion Team.

  3. Assets - Use this folder to upload your content. Once you have uploaded your content create a link and use this in you Motion Helpdesk request so that the team know when to find your video.

For help creating your dropbox link click here.

Submitting a request

You'll be invited to join our Motion Helpdesk. Once setup, you can submit requests via the helpdesk or email requests to [email protected].

Providing a brief

Summarise your objectives for each video. Optionally include a list of up to three timestamps per video with details of specific scene elements you want to measure.


1. Leave a summary of the Motion analysis you would like us to run.

Example Summary:

  • June campaign video

2. Insert the video links and some detail on the report objectives and analysis.

Example Description

  • Objective: More visibility of the coffee cup

  • Keyframes: 10s (coffee cup)

Note: When requesting keyframes please detail the time stamp as well as the element within the video where you would like regional analysis.

3. Select if you would like to share the analysis with the rest of your team or keep this to yourself.

4. Hit send and relax whilst our teams gets to work.

Next, learn how to retrieve your Motion analysis.

Need more information? Please contact [email protected] or any member of the Dragonfly AI team.

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