Users begin a session each time they launch the Extension and begin testing content. e.g. "I signed in and tested multiple pages on my website yesterday using the Extension." That is considered as one session

Domain refers to the domain the Extension is connected to e.g. The connected domain is shown as a green bar under the Session heading in the analysis panel on the RHS

Live feed
Refers specifically to the live feed of the website / web page coming through to the Chrome Extension upon which testing can be carried out

Dragonfly heatmaps use heat to visualise which regions are more or less likely to draw the attention of an audience. Red indicates a region that is highly attention grabbing and blue indicates a region is less attention grabbing. In the Extension, you have the ability to view the web page in its 'original' view or in 'heatmap' view

Elements refer to specific things on a page (contained within the HTML) which be tracked by Dragonfly AI e.g. buttons or images or headings.

Metric refers to the type of metric used to score the tracked elements on the page

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