Elements refer to specific things on a page (contained with the HTML) which can be tracked by Dragonfly AI. All webpages are made up of HTML ‘Elements’.

The Extension tracks these by searching the HTML to find any elements which match the selection you have made in the user interface.

The following elements are automatically available to be selected:

To identify elements on a webpage:

1. Choose which elements to track from the options in the sidebar (the options are shown above).

2. You can also track advanced elements by inputting CSS Selectors.

3. You can track multiple elements on a webpage simultaneously.

4. You can also view elements quantitative scores in the original webpage view by toggling between "Original and Heatmap".

There may be certain areas or regions on the page that you are specifically interested in e.g. a call to action button. We call these 'Areas Of Interest'. Often your chosen AOI will map 1:1 with elements but not always. An AOI could be comprised of several elements.

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