1. Multi-region analysis

You can now analyse as many regions as you like within a single view!

How to create multiple regions

To create a new region:

  1. Switch to region analysis mode by clicking the Region icon in the toolbar
  2. To create a new region, click on the Draw a region button
  3. When you're in Drawing mode, click and drag over the image to draw a region
  4. To draw multiple regions, simply repeat the process

Meet the new regions panel

The new regions panel makes it easy to view, rename, reorder and delete regions.

Sometimes might overlap. If one region (Region A) that you wish to move or resize is covered by another region (Region B), you'll need to reorder the region stack to be able to select it. To do this, use the drag handle in the region panel to move Region A above Region B in the stack.

Multiple regions in review mode

Regions now appear as a list in Review mode making it easy the see how region scores compare with one another.

Note: Previously created regions will continue to be visible but will need to be updated to allow regions scores to appear automatically in the new region panel and review mode. To update a region, go to edit mode and toggle any cell within the region box on or off, then back to its original state.  

2. A/B testing

Create a new A/B test with a single click!

How to create an A/B test

To create a new A/B test:

  1. Upload version A for the content you want to test
  2. Click on Create A/B to split the screen
  3. Upload version B*

In A/B mode, any changes you make in edit mode (e.g. adding a region or switching to opacity view) will be reflected in both versions to make it easy to compare.

To remove an A/B test simply click on the Remove A/B button and the screen will revert back to the normal mode without a split screen.

A/B tests in review mode

A/B tests now appear in Review mode making it easy to view and present analysis to your team in a simple comparison view.

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